What is a good design

Design should pay attention to the furnace, the problem with the people we do design, it should be a cliche, and frankly, there are not too many constructive things, so this article for the various sections of the designer, the main purpose of it , Is to share the personal experience in the past in the design work to find some problems, together with everyone to study the basis of the design, the idea may not mature, so I hope you tolerance ~
I think the design is like cooking, the control of the furnace is very critical to cooking, for example, such as burning a braised crucian carp, the first half of the time fried mainly, so the fire must be wang, so fried almost Into a small fire, change fry cook, because the fried fish is cooked outside, which is not necessarily cooked, if the fire is also burning, then the meat inside the cooked, the outside charred, and a good braised Crucian carp on the waste, this is the burning of fish, if for the sake of hot and sour hot potatoes and not the same, first with a small whip for a while, so that oil soaked potatoes, otherwise the potatoes will stick the pot, Fire, because if the fire is not enough, burn out the potatoes are not crisp enough, so different dishes need to master the different heat.
We design the product of the truth is almost the same with the cooking, the first different products to use a different furnace, and secondly, no doubt, the purpose of doing this is the best food to eat, the purpose of designing the product in the final analysis is Service products, with the design language to visualize the product, so a good product design, its design is not necessarily the most exciting dazzling, but must be the most suitable for this product to bring wonderful user experience.




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