Accessible, accessible, accessible.
Design content is more important than the design page itself, the design of the visibility is only half the battle.
I advocate simplicity. Simple things can also have amazing explosive power.
This is a time of information explosion, just a minute there will be a variety of information blowing, how can you quickly want to convey the information at first glance can be noticed, not only by “bright and beautiful” Appearance to attract the eye?
Only in the visual footwork is not enough, it is flower boxing embroidered legs, not enough to attract the public. First understand the user to consider the appropriate design, which is the first. In other words, long-term adherence to understanding the user’s world, understand their preferences and behavior, will make your design “enduring.” Of course, not not in the visual effort, but we should first understand what “design”. The design of the final or to [with], so that your design to adapt to a variety of interference for better user experience.
For users, please do not let them take time to think, especially some very low-level problems, but it is the designer is easy to blindly because of the pursuit of page effects and ignore the most “original design.”




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