Make a target

Very often, team members face a new task, that is, when faced with a purpose (what), usually habitually go straight to the details of the solution, rather than first understand the target.
For example, the product manager will habitually tell you: “I want a big button”, “do not use the link with the button” like the request (usually a solution).
Then, the designer habitually considers the details of the solution from the perspective of usability or aesthetics: “the buttons are not nice,” and “should be linked, because …”.
After several twists and turns, or not satisfied.
Product manager thought, I come to draw you see it So slowly, the product manager to mention the demand, the wire drawing directly to draw a good. And then take the process, so that interactive designers “professional vision review” look. Visual design is also, product manager directly cut a picture: like XX do it
The designer seems to feel that the territory has been occupied. To be outdone, according to a bunch of principles and personal preferences to give a bunch of views.
The two sides won the red face. Eventually, this matter was unexpectedly delayed. Of course, the postponement of the results and can not let both sides satisfied.

u13529221602359792137fm11gp0We should make a target for us team to finish and improve user experience.



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