ux design concept

When you do a product, it is often time to measure the success of our efforts from a business point of view, often measuring how often the ux design is causing the user’s behavior (eg, number of subscriptions, number of recommendations, activity). So, what kind of factors will lead to the user to interact with the product, and even produce a certain degree of loyalty, which we designers can do? Trevor van Gorp in his “Design for Emotion” mentioned: a successful product must be able to establish a good relationship with the user experience, the relationship depends on the establishment of our useful, useful (usable) And the degree of pleasurableness. The measure of interactivity from the user’s point of view is whether the user has reached the “heart flow” state, a sense of a highly organized, positive experience, Norman also called “concentrate on the continuous smooth state.” To this end, the product design to design useful tasks, to achieve good interaction, to create just the right to attract, to balance the user’s emotional state to control attention and create flow (flow) experience.
The principle is always more abstract to say, give a life in the chestnut it Weekend free time, I like to go to the new town of Hangjiang sit, where to read books, overturned magazines, feel quite comfortable, an inattentive to stay for a morning. Wondering why, why would like to go there, there may be the following reasons:
Space is very large, books and magazines newspapers everything, so I am particularly satisfied. (it works)
Block division is very clear, there are a variety of guidance, want to see what book quickly found, very fast and very convenient. (Available)
There is a rare reading atmosphere, people feel very comfortable very comfortable: there are a lot of people reading books, there is not disturbed popularity; everywhere the sofa, tables and chairs so that I can sit down at night, comfortable reading. (With atmosphere)




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