Desktop model

Desktop model refers to the combing of the characters before the relationship, the key contact process, using the model simulation, show to the whole group of designers, so that we have a more profound understanding of the project.

7 (1)
The desktop model has a different meaning in the different periods of the project
In the analysis of the problem stage, the designer on a desktop, draw each contact, and indicate the basic scene of the contact, the use of Lego model or paper to represent each key person (role model), by simulating their service And to describe the issues they encounter in the service or service. As each member of the project at this time are involved, we will be able to discuss the scene on the spot, brainstorming.
In the program validation phase, the designer to discuss the program through the desktop model to simulate a real service scene, in order to verify the feasibility of the program for better user experience.



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