user experience of design

In the visual design work, we always used to focus on the icon and color. But in fact, as a reading class app, thinking about how to make articles easier to read is even more important than graphics, color processing.
In the design work, if there are 100 people will have 100 kinds of design theory, I think we can not sum up an absolutely correct theory. However, if there is no  ui design theory, it looks like it will make the design very strange. For example, often see this book (Figure 1), a line of text is too long and the mouth of the blank and the deal is not appropriate. As long as you see such a design, immediately think of “there seems to be no rules here,” but also people “the book designer does not seem to read ah” this feeling. In the reading process even if only some places are difficult to understand, people will not be concentrated, can not completely concerned about the article itself. If it is a reading person, he himself to see such a design, they will feel this way is not easy to read ah. So I think the e-book reading user experience is the same, to make the ideal layout, as designers need to stand in the reader’s point of view, should be looking for their own easy to read the layout. Therefore, also take this opportunity to sort out the NetEase cloud reading products, the text of the text of the relevant types of rules.




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