user experience of application

When you first open an application, you will often see the beautiful guide page ux design, they do not use the product before you inform the product in advance of the main features and features, the first impression of the good or bad will greatly affect the Follow-up product experience. So every company is trying to design these pages, from the beginning to fascinating. Then let me go with you to explore the design of the guide page.
First, the purpose of distinction
According to the purpose of the guide page, the starting point is different, you can be divided into functional introduction class, the use of instructions, promotion class, problem solving class, the general guide page will not exceed 5 pages.

Function introduction class
Function introduction class guide page is mainly on the main function of the product display, so that users of the main function of the product has a general understanding. The use of the form mostly with the text with the interface, illustrations to show the way.
To the letter, for example, the use of text and watercolor illustrations combined way, the text is divided into two levels, headline and subtitle, headline is the main function of the summary, small text is a detailed description of its functional modules or further supplementary description of user experience.







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