Timing relationship of ux design

In the daily interactive design work, the ux designer in the clear needs of the target on user experience, the user scene, build the information structure, the next step is to conceive how to make this information and the user to produce effective interaction between, and this requires designers to think In the middle of the dimension of the step by step to promote the middle, it will produce a lot of “timing” of the discussion. Although the word “timing” has its own specific meaning, but “time” and “machine” the word has to split and understand, pull out the delicate differences between the two:
– when the four seasons, also represents the law, the cycle of time, and has a strong universal;
Opportunity, refers to the favorable conditions in a particular condition, do not have universal, but often can produce good results;
Example: a graduate job, there are so-called “gold nine silver ten” argument, every year in September, October is the peak of job hunting, so a variety of products for job search, advertising also ushered in the outbreak period, which Is a cycle of universal with the time period; and as a graduate, perhaps through the introduction of a mentor or friend, just know a company vacancies, so actively prepared until the admission, which is to seize a opportunity.




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