what should we know for better ux design

First, understand the problem, develop a plan
We all know that the wrong solution can be corrected. Even if it takes one day, one week, or even more, nothing more than efficiency. However, if even the problem, or pain point does not exist, then you do things do not have any meaning. Therefore, to develop a habit of getting to know the problem, to avoid the problem is not clear, the target is not clear to do the case of design, which is for interactive designers, it is very important.
As a starting point for the development of an interactive design work program, we can start by looking at the following questions.
1, why do this function? (Business purpose)
2, what kind of product expectations? (business goal)
3, who will use this feature? (Target users)
4, why do they use this feature? (User needs, experience goals)
5, how to make them all use this feature? (Behavioral design)
On the basis of understanding these issues, and gradually launched a series of actions, the orderly implementation of the interactive design of the preliminary work plan. Mainly include: 1, analysis of business needs -> 2, analysis of user needs -> 3, decomposition of key factors -> 4, inductive design requirements, clear  ux design strategy.


Second, summarize the needs, decomposition goals
When a product in the project when the time, usually there will be a clear product targets. For example, “in three years to play the leading Chinese XX platform”, which is a typical product target (a little taste of the vision). The process of product iteration, there will be a number of business needs have emerged. And each business needs, behind will be implied with one or more goals, goals.
For example, “registration” is a business requirement, it is not user needs. No users are anxious to use a website also registered! “Registration” business purpose, the product is expected to register user information through the way to facilitate user management. For this business purpose, “improve the conversion rate of the registration page” is a clear business objective. Through the design, we can be business goals into user behavior, that is, so that more users to “click on the registration button” to help the product to achieve “to improve the registration page conversion rate” business objectives.
How to guide the user to register, this series of behavioral design, is a very critical step. Because, user behavior directly affects the achievement of business goals. So, before designing user behavior, we certainly need to know who the target is. To understand what characteristics they have, user experience, what will appear in the case of registration behavior, experience the goal is what. This is what we often say that the user needs analysis.




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