The characteristics of human quick crawling information for user experience

It is a hotel fire door, this type of door in the fire when it can withstand the fire spread to the door area, so that in the event of a fire should be closed and not allowed to be opened. In order to remind people that “it is not an escape channel”, at the door once people have designed two different groups of logo, one is “NOT AN EXIT” (not export), there is a version of “FIRE DOOR KEEP CLOSED” (fire The door remains closed).


The survey shows that people seem to have misinterpreted “EXIT” in front of the logo, so it will be pushed, and the latter, although the word seems to be wordy, but it has a wake-up call on user experience. Why is this happening because the human optic nerve has a quick grasp of the key information system, only to spend a small amount of time to read the text, will be a photo-style way to browse the text of the key information, this ability is People and raw things, it is an instinct.


So “NOT AN EXIT” and “EXIT” almost no difference. This kind of human fast crawling information is widely used in marketing means, but many are used as the title party, so to remind a little time, when the title to attract others when the best there is some dry goods, otherwise There will be counter-effect.


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