user experience VS product value

When you are limited to the user experience is equivalent to  the UI usability, or a limited understanding of the user experience only occurs when the user in the process of using the product, you will say: there are more important things than it, such as User value, product value.

Yes, that’s right. If the product is useless, that is, no value to the user, UI usability is definitely not the most important and most urgent things.


But we still have to remind ourselves that availability is not equivalent to the user experience, and availability is only part of the user experience .

User experience design goes beyond product design. User experience design includes the organization to carry out user research, usability research, create character roles, design information architecture, design and use of the process, design low / high fidelity prototype and many other skills. Its essence is user-centered product design, system design and service design, it is not just concerned about the usability of the UI, but also concerned about the user before use, use, after the use of various stages, different channels of all feelings. User experience design includes both tangible products, system design, and invisible service design.

A product to the user has no use, that is, whether to meet the needs of users, determines whether the product has the user value. Solve the problem of user value, equal to solve the problem of product usefulness. So that products with usefulness, is the basis of user experience design. In addition, the user experience design also needs to solve the problem of product availability and attractiveness. In the business environment, a valuable product, in addition to help users solve the problem, but also need to be able to help businesses achieve business goals, that is, with user value and business value. The user experience designer conducts detailed research, analysis, and then combined with business objectives to design useful, usable, and attractive products for each point of contact with the product, system, or service, and ultimately to achieve a valuable product.

In this process, product managers and designers sometimes need to make a balance between the user and the business. After all, the pursuit of a better user experience also means the need for higher costs.




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