“user” in user experience

“User” means that the definition of “good user experience” is different for different target users. So if out of the user, is unable to evaluate the user experience of a product.


May be a lot of friends that we should do the product as much as possible “simple”, it is best for users do not need to learn will be able to “natural” use. This principle may be right for most of the products for the public. But in other cases, it is not necessarily. For example: Mito Xiu Xiu and Photoshop can handle pictures, but their user experience which is good, which is not good? This thing I can not really simple conclusion.

Mito Xiu Xiu target users, may be some sister paper. They are a typical user scene, is the use of mobile phone self-timer, hoping to become more of their own “some”, and then sent to friends circle above. Most of the sister paper is estimated that did not learn the design or art, may not understand photography, but the United States show Xiu Xiu can let the sister paper only through a simple click, select, you can turn your photos into the United States. Do not need too much thinking, do not need professional knowledge, so in this scene, its “user experience” is good. But the target users of Photoshop, it is estimated that these are not the sister of paper, but a professional designer. For a professional designer, he works with Photoshop, then “to maximize the help of designers to express their ideas” is a good user experience. In order to do this, professional designers do not mind going to the depth of the study of the use of this software. From the “ease of use” point of view, Photoshop is clearly not easy to use, but for professional designers, it’s great user experience!

so,it’s very important for us to juge “user” in user experience.

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