Using chunk for better user experience

The key to showing your visitors better content is presenting them said content in the way that they already naturally absorb it. That means chunking. Since your content is going to face an uphill battle on the web to be read anyway, not chunking your content virtually assures that very few people will read it.

This means fewer leads, conversions and customers, as someone not reading your sales copy to the end can mean a lost sale, or another visitor refusing to read your blog post thoroughly can mean lost signups and lead captures. In short, not chunking your content on the web leads to bad outcomes.

Chunking encourages people to read content on the web how they’re already naturally inclined to read it, which is by skimming and scanning. Don’t fight it! Don’t bunch your content together in longer paragraphs, expecting the quality of your content to persuade people to read word-for-word.

The truth of the matter is that people just don’t spend that much time reading content on the web. And your job as a designer is to take this short attention span and get them to read and retain as much of it as possible. You’ll do that only by chunking to increase user experience.




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