making Consistency in ui design

The best way to create visual patterns is through consistency in ui design. Patterns, in turn, create relationships a user can get used to having. It’s the same way users are used to certina icons being related to certain actions, i.e a trash can means delete. Colors are a lot more subjective because every website or app can make their own meaning for colors.u18377530333541672826fm11gp0

Let’s take the relationship with the color blue on Underbelly’s portfolio website. It’s a simple example and it’s perfect to make my point. Anything clickable on Underbelly’s website is blue. Having used the website for a few seconds, it becomes clear quickly that their links are blue. And that’s how you create patterns through color. Patterns are good because they allow users and visitors to easily recognize something. The easier recognition becomes, the less people think and by now we all know how happy that makes Steve Krug.


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