How to use color for use experiecne

Color is extremely important when you design  a website.Here we discuss how to use color for better user experience .

1. a focus point
A good example of color proportions is the design of Viporte. As you scroll down on their home page, each section is decorated with a large letter in the center. The letter is filled with a beautiful color before the sections’ animations kick in. The color of the different images which animate in are related to the color of the letters. The focal point is most certainly on the center of the sections thanks in part to the focused use of color. Proportions vary—sometimes there is a little color and sometimes there is a lot of it. Either way, proportions are used to draw attention into a focal point. If the color was more evident all over the place within each section, the focal point wouldn’t be as clear.


2.  UX patterns

The best way to create visual patterns is through consistency. Patterns, in turn, create relationships a user can get used to having. It’s the same way users are used to certina icons being related to certain actions, i.e a trash can means delete. Colors are a lot more subjective because every website or app can make their own meaning for colors.


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