What is a good design

Design should pay attention to the furnace, the problem with the people we do design, it should be a cliche, and frankly, there are not too many constructive things, so this article for the various sections of the designer, the main purpose of it , Is to share the personal experience in the past in the design work to find some problems, together with everyone to study the basis of the design, the idea may not mature, so I hope you tolerance ~
I think the design is like cooking, the control of the furnace is very critical to cooking, for example, such as burning a braised crucian carp, the first half of the time fried mainly, so the fire must be wang, so fried almost Into a small fire, change fry cook, because the fried fish is cooked outside, which is not necessarily cooked, if the fire is also burning, then the meat inside the cooked, the outside charred, and a good braised Crucian carp on the waste, this is the burning of fish, if for the sake of hot and sour hot potatoes and not the same, first with a small whip for a while, so that oil soaked potatoes, otherwise the potatoes will stick the pot, Fire, because if the fire is not enough, burn out the potatoes are not crisp enough, so different dishes need to master the different heat.
We design the product of the truth is almost the same with the cooking, the first different products to use a different furnace, and secondly, no doubt, the purpose of doing this is the best food to eat, the purpose of designing the product in the final analysis is Service products, with the design language to visualize the product, so a good product design, its design is not necessarily the most exciting dazzling, but must be the most suitable for this product to bring wonderful user experience.



Accessible, accessible, accessible.
Design content is more important than the design page itself, the design of the visibility is only half the battle.
I advocate simplicity. Simple things can also have amazing explosive power.
This is a time of information explosion, just a minute there will be a variety of information blowing, how can you quickly want to convey the information at first glance can be noticed, not only by “bright and beautiful” Appearance to attract the eye?
Only in the visual footwork is not enough, it is flower boxing embroidered legs, not enough to attract the public. First understand the user to consider the appropriate design, which is the first. In other words, long-term adherence to understanding the user’s world, understand their preferences and behavior, will make your design “enduring.” Of course, not not in the visual effort, but we should first understand what “design”. The design of the final or to [with], so that your design to adapt to a variety of interference for better user experience.
For users, please do not let them take time to think, especially some very low-level problems, but it is the designer is easy to blindly because of the pursuit of page effects and ignore the most “original design.”


Make a target

Very often, team members face a new task, that is, when faced with a purpose (what), usually habitually go straight to the details of the solution, rather than first understand the target.
For example, the product manager will habitually tell you: “I want a big button”, “do not use the link with the button” like the request (usually a solution).
Then, the designer habitually considers the details of the solution from the perspective of usability or aesthetics: “the buttons are not nice,” and “should be linked, because …”.
After several twists and turns, or not satisfied.
Product manager thought, I come to draw you see it So slowly, the product manager to mention the demand, the wire drawing directly to draw a good. And then take the process, so that interactive designers “professional vision review” look. Visual design is also, product manager directly cut a picture: like XX do it
The designer seems to feel that the territory has been occupied. To be outdone, according to a bunch of principles and personal preferences to give a bunch of views.
The two sides won the red face. Eventually, this matter was unexpectedly delayed. Of course, the postponement of the results and can not let both sides satisfied.

u13529221602359792137fm11gp0We should make a target for us team to finish and improve user experience.

creative design

Always want to do more creative design, but now the performance of the Internet is too much too much … Sato also mentioned in his book memory tags, can also be called the memory engine – to their care about things , Such as the usual search for someone else’s works, feel good material can be posted in the brain first label, a logo, a print, an illustration, a performance techniques, are likely to inspire your future as a material source. “It is very important to try to see the problem from a different perspective to create an unprecedented value, so I have been trying to look at the problem from different perspectives, of course, creativity and the design of the whole can not be contrary to the final starting point” It is written by Sato in the book for better user experience.


Some thing about user experience

Commercial illustrations As the name suggests is for business purposes, drawing in line with the goods and to attract the public illustrations. And we used to know the arts and crafts and traditional painting is very different, but also different comics. Traditional painting is purely creative and design is not detached, and comics have the story, continuity. And illustrations have their own fields and interpretations. Commercial illustrations often time to express the contents of the narrative, and content to complement each other. So to be a successful illustrator, I summed up a few points of user experience.
● Have a certain artistic foundation.
● Sensitive to color.
● Have a certain awareness of the design.
● to master the different painting techniques and software.
● know how to find life, sentiment.
● the degree of control of the trend. Understand the market.

7 (1)

super plastic surgery

A few times ago read Sato Keshi and the “super plastic surgery” and “creative thinking” two books, with some inspiration, and would like to share with you. Record the way a bit similar to thinking jumping essay, I hope you will be patience to read after the revelation .
Finishing the term is no stranger to everyone, Sato in his book about the finishing of the more interesting, mainly hope that through the study of finishing surgery, so that the fine work of the significant progress, not for finishing and finishing, but a ” How to enjoy a comfortable life “the fundamental way. So from the desk around the space, and even the work of the problem, interpersonal relationships and other situations have mentioned for user experience.


ux design concept

When you do a product, it is often time to measure the success of our efforts from a business point of view, often measuring how often the ux design is causing the user’s behavior (eg, number of subscriptions, number of recommendations, activity). So, what kind of factors will lead to the user to interact with the product, and even produce a certain degree of loyalty, which we designers can do? Trevor van Gorp in his “Design for Emotion” mentioned: a successful product must be able to establish a good relationship with the user experience, the relationship depends on the establishment of our useful, useful (usable) And the degree of pleasurableness. The measure of interactivity from the user’s point of view is whether the user has reached the “heart flow” state, a sense of a highly organized, positive experience, Norman also called “concentrate on the continuous smooth state.” To this end, the product design to design useful tasks, to achieve good interaction, to create just the right to attract, to balance the user’s emotional state to control attention and create flow (flow) experience.
The principle is always more abstract to say, give a life in the chestnut it Weekend free time, I like to go to the new town of Hangjiang sit, where to read books, overturned magazines, feel quite comfortable, an inattentive to stay for a morning. Wondering why, why would like to go there, there may be the following reasons:
Space is very large, books and magazines newspapers everything, so I am particularly satisfied. (it works)
Block division is very clear, there are a variety of guidance, want to see what book quickly found, very fast and very convenient. (Available)
There is a rare reading atmosphere, people feel very comfortable very comfortable: there are a lot of people reading books, there is not disturbed popularity; everywhere the sofa, tables and chairs so that I can sit down at night, comfortable reading. (With atmosphere)


Desktop model

Desktop model refers to the combing of the characters before the relationship, the key contact process, using the model simulation, show to the whole group of designers, so that we have a more profound understanding of the project.

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The desktop model has a different meaning in the different periods of the project
In the analysis of the problem stage, the designer on a desktop, draw each contact, and indicate the basic scene of the contact, the use of Lego model or paper to represent each key person (role model), by simulating their service And to describe the issues they encounter in the service or service. As each member of the project at this time are involved, we will be able to discuss the scene on the spot, brainstorming.
In the program validation phase, the designer to discuss the program through the desktop model to simulate a real service scene, in order to verify the feasibility of the program for better user experience.

user experience of design

In the visual design work, we always used to focus on the icon and color. But in fact, as a reading class app, thinking about how to make articles easier to read is even more important than graphics, color processing.
In the design work, if there are 100 people will have 100 kinds of design theory, I think we can not sum up an absolutely correct theory. However, if there is no  ui design theory, it looks like it will make the design very strange. For example, often see this book (Figure 1), a line of text is too long and the mouth of the blank and the deal is not appropriate. As long as you see such a design, immediately think of “there seems to be no rules here,” but also people “the book designer does not seem to read ah” this feeling. In the reading process even if only some places are difficult to understand, people will not be concentrated, can not completely concerned about the article itself. If it is a reading person, he himself to see such a design, they will feel this way is not easy to read ah. So I think the e-book reading user experience is the same, to make the ideal layout, as designers need to stand in the reader’s point of view, should be looking for their own easy to read the layout. Therefore, also take this opportunity to sort out the NetEase cloud reading products, the text of the text of the relevant types of rules.


user experience of application

When you first open an application, you will often see the beautiful guide page ux design, they do not use the product before you inform the product in advance of the main features and features, the first impression of the good or bad will greatly affect the Follow-up product experience. So every company is trying to design these pages, from the beginning to fascinating. Then let me go with you to explore the design of the guide page.
First, the purpose of distinction
According to the purpose of the guide page, the starting point is different, you can be divided into functional introduction class, the use of instructions, promotion class, problem solving class, the general guide page will not exceed 5 pages.

Function introduction class
Function introduction class guide page is mainly on the main function of the product display, so that users of the main function of the product has a general understanding. The use of the form mostly with the text with the interface, illustrations to show the way.
To the letter, for example, the use of text and watercolor illustrations combined way, the text is divided into two levels, headline and subtitle, headline is the main function of the summary, small text is a detailed description of its functional modules or further supplementary description of user experience.